Study in Damascus

Arabic summer courses in Damascus

Welcome to my website! Here you can find tips and informations to prepare a linguistic trip in Damascus. I attended arabic summer courses there in Damscus university on July 07'. Face to the lack of websites giving useful informations, I decided to share my experience with you to help you to prepare such a trip.

You will find here things to think about before leaving. I have included sections to answer questions I had before leaving especially concerning accomodation and university. I am aware that this kind of information is quickly obsolete and that is the reason why I have added a "Comments" section: I can share your experience too, comment my website or point the mistakes out.

To finish, I have included "Photos" and "Vidéos" sections to make you dream and to remind you ones of the main reasons which can justify such a trip: the moving authenticity of Syria, the extrem beauty of its landscapes and the amazing kindness of syrian people!

Peio L.

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