Study in Damascus


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I couldn't refrain from commenting. Well written!

Yusef from Damascus, added the 23/10/2013

Hello Mister X! I don't see much information about yourself. I suppose you are French! Anyway, I came here while trying to find a map of Syria with the location of Ebla on it. So, thanks for that. The site is cute and elegant (even charming:-) Bravo Y

hainine hainine from damas, added the 06/10/2010

Hello I have A room to rent in Damascus in Ruknedinne, room in a big flat to share with two other student girl next to the bus 13 which leads to Damascus University and next to institute of abu nour. Call the 0941709726

Martin Humphreys, added the 15/08/2010

Hi Peio, Thanks for the great, informative site. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the books that you used. Is there a university bookshop? I go to Damascus later this week for a holiday, but hope to study at the university next year and would like to get a heads up. Many thanks, Martin

Ali Ali Mohammed ( ) from Houston, TX, added the 16/02/2010

Hello; I have a question. If you are going to Syria on a Sigle or Multiple entry visa, do you have to buy the plane ticket for "two-way"? I don't know when I want to come back to America, so I was planning on just getting a one way ticket? Will the Syrian government be okay with this when I extend my visa, because I plan to stay in Syria for one year? Please let me know. Thanks.

Ameera , added the 18/03/2009

Hi/Salut, I really like your photos and website. I am planning to go to Syria to improve my Arabic and I want to go for at least 6 months so it is good to have an idea. I have been researching for a while and I came to the conclusion Syria is a good place but I don't know if I should go to the university or Abu Nour institute. Let me finish en francais comme je parle cette langue aussi. En fait, j'aimerais y aller l'automne prochain et j'aimerais trouver d'autres filles avec qui partager de preference musulmane c'est plus simple pour partager la meme nourriture etc Et souvent je vois que les gens veulent y aller pour quelques mois et pas pour 6 mois ou un an. Est-ce que c'est possible de trouver des colocatrices assez facilement une fois la-bas? Est-ce que tu connais l'institut Abou Nour? Merci beaucoup pour ce site et les infos qu'il donne.

Webmaster, added the 05/06/2008

Hi, Thank you for your interest and your nice comment. I have visited your website too and I found it very pleasant! I am not interested in transfering my material on your server. I went to Syria last year and I created this website to share my experience. It has become a hobby to maintain it and to improve it. There are more and more visitors from all the parts of the world and it is very funny to make my site better and better. But we can do link exchange if you agree and I can add a link to your website in "Links" section.

Kamran StudyArabic ( ), added the 05/06/2008

Hi, Your site is very good, I noticed you posted a comment on Would you consider posting the material you have here on the study-arabic site as content. I think it would be really useful for people as we get a lot of visitors and haven't got much information on study in Damascus. I can make arrangements for you to move your image content over too, space is not a problem. The benefit is that the url is much easier to understand and is well known. A lot of readers would see your material. what do you think? thanks Kamran

ileana santamaria, added the 01/06/2008

thank you for putting this site together! best, ileana (cuban born nyc "mutt", nyu alumna '00)

Webmaster, added the 24/05/2008

Hi Eva! I spent just one month in Syria but I'm studing Arabic for 2 years (not in an intensive way, 2 hours per week). I am not really able to understand all the things people say when they speak in Arabic. I often understand the main idea as I understand some words and the sentence construction. However, I am able to express my ideas and to ask things in Arabic. I think say that it is much easier to speak than to understand (because of dialects). But I would say that the main benefit is that when you try to speak Arabic with Arabic people (even few words), they apreciate a lot and you immediately establish a friendly dialogue! That is the reason why I think you are right to want to learn Arabic! Good luck!

Webmaster, added the 24/05/2008

For Hamish MacInnes: I don't know if Damascus University accomodates its students. You should contact Office of Registration & Students' Affairs ( to inquire about. DU provides beginner courses and if you are motivated, it is possible to start from scratch. It is quite hard to find a family before going there, the best thing to do is to book a room in a hotel for the first days and to ask other students in University for accomodation in a syrian family. For culture courses, ask DU too. Good luck!

Eva, added the 22/05/2008

hi everybody, my english is not perfect sorry for the mistakes. your site is really really good. i am planing to spend almost 1 year in Damascus from sept 2008. i have read lot ot things in connection with the schools Mahab and DU and other smaller schools (good and bad things too). my most important question is after your studies in Damascus now you can use the languages? i mean if you go to somewhere you can use it and you understand? (i know the differences between arabic but if you did your studies in school you leart just MSA) is here anybody who going to come Syria in september?

Hamish MacInnes, added the 22/05/2008

I will be leaving school this summer and am taking a Gap year before going to university next year. I would like to do an intensive course in Arabic from September -Beginning December as I want to study Arabic and Spanish at university. I will be starting from scratch. Does DU accommodate such beginners or should I start with a private tutor? How can I find a family to live with before I go? Is it also possible to do a course on the culture and history of the Arab world? Many thanks.

Webmaster, added the 14/04/2008

Hi Banko! Don't worry about your trip, I am sure it will be a great experience! University is not very easy to find but I can help you. Go in the University section of my website "" , there is a map you can zoom in. "A" letter correspond to the University. And don't hesitate to print the small paper with the university adress to show it to taxis. It is easy to find taxis but they often try to charge you a lot so it is better to use buses. It is the best means to move in Syria. I don't think the University provides housing for first days but you can ask them at If they don't, it is better to book a hostel for few days (Al haramein is the best) and to try to find an accomodation in old town then (it is easy when you are there). Good look and don't hesitate to share your experience after you come back! ;-)

Banko Lauren, added the 14/04/2008

Salut! I do not remember French well enough to write this in it, but your site helped much! I am ging to attend the language institute's Arabic courses at the U of Damascus this June and am very anxious! I am worried I will not be able to find the University and the correct buildings upon arrival to the city?? It is hard to get around Damascus, by taxi? Also, did the University provide housing for the first few days of your arrival before you found a hostel/apartment? Thanks so much!