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The university

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Some photos of Damascus university (Arabic Language Center)


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To subscribe, you have to goon the spot at the "Office of Registration & Students' Affairs (ORSA)" room B-24, groun floor and the required documents are:

It is better to come in Damascus 3 or 4 days before the beginning of the courses to have enough time to register. But you can also send a mail to announce that you want to register and miss the first days to gather the required documents.

For those who want to register in a better level than "beginner 1", there is a "placement test" which costs 500 S£. I chose to attend "beginner 1" courses and I had to buy a boook (300 S£).

book book

Each session lasts one month and it is forbidden to miss more than 4 school if you want to obtain the "certificate" which is required to attend following levels. There are courses all days from sunday to thuesday, from 9 am to 13 pm. So you can visit Damascus during afternoon and the rest of the country during weekends. "Beginner" are given in English and in Arabic as often as possible.


To go from the old town to the university, you have to take a taxi (20-25 S£) giving him the right address (below) because the driver won't understand if you just say him to go to the université (there are several departments). You can also take "services" (5 S£) which are small vans (pretty hard to catch). Be careful, you have first to choose the direction جوبر ـ مزة (in yellow).


University address

Some "services"


There is also a bus going from Bab Sharki area to the university: the round trip ticket costs 10 S£. But the trip lasts more. It is funny because you have to knock on the roof to stop the bus!!